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Sweet Spot Arts

Felted Wall Hangings

Felted Wall Hangings

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Sweet Spot Art original designs are created with a single felting needle, hand-dyed Canadian-raised sheep’s wool, as well as natural, found objects. The artist explores the exquisite beauty of life through these works of art and every piece is deliberately imperfect; featuring bits of barnyard and fields, plant matter, glitter, and various treasures. Each artwork also contains a message or insight that came to the artist while creating it

These vibrant and dynamic pieces are made locally in North Ontario, inspired by an insatiable curiosity about what it means to be human. Through color and texture, they transport you to the magical sweet spot between our past and future potential – where wild magic lives. These unique art hangings will fill your walls with beauty while sparking meaningful conversations - perfect for any space!

Each Sweet Spot piece is custom-made and will be comissioned once your order is placed. Please allow for appropriate creation and shipping time for your one of a kind custom peice to arrive at your door!

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