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Sheila Rose

Sheila Rose Soy Wax Candles

Sheila Rose Soy Wax Candles

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Light up your life with these delightful China Tea Candles! These candles come nestled in fine bone china vessels, infusing your home and party with a cozy, aromatic atmosphere. They're perfect for creating a relaxed vibe and bringing a little bit of whimsy to any occasion. Ah-mazing! (Or ah-tea-zing, if you will…)

All of these candles are made in vintage fine bone china vessels which are lovingly hand-picked by Sheila Rose. We crave a sense of belonging and genuine love. Trusting that you will enjoy the warm glow from this vessel and perhaps even a warm beverage, may you also feel the nostalgia and love, allowing it to warm you as it has had the pleasure of doing before.


Each candle is poured into a different lovingly sourced vintage teacup. Please allow for variations in colour and size when ordereing this item. 

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