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Maggie Webster

Madawaska Valley Playing Cards

Madawaska Valley Playing Cards

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Maggie Webster Playing Cards are the perfect way to bring a little bit of the Madawaska Valley to your next game night. Inspired by the lush forests, rolling hills, and industrious people who live in this beautiful area of Canada, these playing cards feature hand-drawn portraits that capture their essence. Each deck includes 52 cards plus two jokers, all with eye-catching illustrations that showcase local wildlife and scenery in vibrant colours. They're perfect for traditional card games or creative game nights, as they help spark conversations about the local culture and landmarks. With their friendly tone and sense of local whimsy,

Maggie Webster Playing Cards make a great gift for friends near and far. Plus they're easy to carry around in their sturdy tuck box – so you can take them with you wherever your next adventure takes you!

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