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Bluebird Collective

Lavender Bundles

Lavender Bundles

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Treat yourself to the natural scent and beauty of Bluebird Collective's Fresh Lavender Bundles! Our lavender is locally grown in a small, family-run farm nestled in the hills of Madawaska Valley. Gently yet lovingly nurtured until it is harvested, each hand-picked bundle is full of delicate blooms and vibrant colours. Every bundle has its own unique fragrance that will easily fill any room with delight.

Use our fresh lavender bundles for aromatherapy, sachets, or craft projects - you’ll find countless ways to enjoy it! Plus, our sprays are shelf-stable for up to a year so you can savor them for a long time. Join us at Bluebird Collective in celebrating the wonders of nature with our Fresh Lavender Bundles - fresher, more affordable, and better for the environment!

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